In 2002 Larrycom for Investment - Zawaya Group Subsidiary- won the license of the second GSM operator in Sudan jointly with a Yemeni business group. In October 2004, Investcome group acquired 85% of the shares in the company owing the license so as to operate it as "Areeba" their well known brand at that time.  Areeba went commercially alive in July 2006.

One year later, Investcom Group sold all its operations to MTN Group, a  multinational telecommunications group with 21 operations and over 40 million subscribers.  The group started in South Africa and became the strongest African operator.  

MTN-Sudan has over 10 million subscribers and its network coves all of Sudan and provides all the 2G and 3G services.


Larrycom for Investment a prime private investment group from Sudan always seeks to be the prime mover in identifying investment opportunities.