Telecom and media surveys have shown that African countries are contributing by 40% of the world's subscriber's growth. Subscribers in these regions are anticipated to rise to 67 million by the end of 2011, up from over 30 million at the end of 2006.
Except for South Africa and the very Northern countries, Internet and ICT services has low penetration with telecommunication penetration rates are below 30% in most of the African countries; thus making the investments very lucrative.
We have partned with South African MTN Groupto form MTN Sudan. We have over 10 Million customers today. 


Oiling Sudan’s engines of growth

Sudan had proven oil reserves of more than 6.614 billion barrels. The country's oil and gas reserves are vast. Although the country is considered to be vastly under-explored, it has been a producer of oil and gas for a number of years. The upstream oil industry could be key to the future of the economy of the North East African state of Sudan. So far Sudanese oil exploration has been limited to the central and south-central regions. The downstream oil industry in Sudan is an important sector in the country's economy as Sudan has three refineries and imports both refined product and crude oil. The completion of a new refinery has made Sudan largely self sufficient and able to export refined as well as crude products.

LarryCom provides Oil field services to all Oil Fields in Sudan through RAM Energy Company. 

Real Estate Development

Infrastructure projects and major real estate development is the greatest challenge of all growing economies. Sudan is no difference…Roads, bridges, new residential cities, business complexes, hotels and trading centers are developments that requires a patient investor, as they are not quick on return. Larrycom believes in long term investments they are the real value for the growth of the country. One major high way, as well as two new Nile cities constitutes only the beginning of Larrycom in this field

Larrycom for Investment a prime private investment group from Sudan always seeks to be the prime mover in identifying investment opportunities.

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